Plural Nouns

She has three notebooks.

  • If I met...Crazy story

    This is a writing and reading review activity I made for my JHS 3年生 using the target grammar in Sunishine 3. Lets students make a crazy story about meeting a famous person of their choice.

  • School Life in America Presentation

    A presentation about school life in America, including some comparisons to school life in Japan, club activities, and school events, geared towards junior high school students.

  • I Spy!

    A group activity based around the I Spy books, or other similar material.

  • Do like fruit &veg? Interview sheet.

    Students ask about liking various fruit and veg.....they become aware of plurals being needed depending on the food.

  • Go Fish: Fridge Edition

    Edited version of the known and loved "Go Fish" to practice countable and uncountable nouns in sentences.

  • NH1 Units 3-5 Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy activity designed to review Units 3-5 of New Horizon JHS level 1 for exams.

  • Vegetables - Vocab, Missing Game, Close Up Game

    This power point first goes over vegetable vocabulary, then goes into a missing game featuring Yoshi from Mario Kart. It finishes with a close up game.

  • Make a Monster Plural - Halloween Theme

    Yet another Make a Monster activity to practice plural nouns. But with easy to understand PowerPoint instructions!

  • Find the Mistake

    Find the mistakes in the sentences - 2nd Grade JHS level

  • Spot the Difference! Worksheet

    Students look at two pictures (before and after pictures work well) and describe the differences by using "There is/are" and "There was/were."

  • Mario Mystery Box

    geared for 4th grade

  • NHE6 U5: Animals and Plurals

    This is a poster you can use to show students the singular and plural of animals in the Picture Dictionary.

  • SpyXFamily Pencil Case

    Simple classroom practice for stationary items, just made it fun with spy family gifs

  • Name 5 (Infinitive - Adjectival)

    'Name 5'-style trivia game that uses the infinitive (adjectival).

  • My Conbini 'How many' 'I want to ...'

    Reviews 'How many' and plural 's' as well as 'I want to buy...'

  • Jeopardy Past Tense

    This is an edit jeopardy game from Englipedia. It's a past tense based on unit 7 first year JHS.

  • Guess Who

    Students use be verbs "am" and "are", nouns and adjectives.

  • General knowledge quizzes!!

    Fun warm up! Get the juices flowing! ENJOY!

  • What's this Japanese culture?

    3-hint what's this quiz!

  • Name 5 (who, which, that)

    'Name 5'-style trivia game that uses relative pronouns (who, which, that)

  • School Sheriff

    Activity based on the Sheriff of Nottingham board game to practice "How many?" and plurals. Also uses "Show me" and "What's this?" Very complicated, but very fun.

  • 3 Cats

    Students practice (or are introduced to) plural nouns by finding easy words in a word search, then reporting how many of each word they have found.

  • Original Juice

    Students decide on a recipe, then go shopping for ingredients to make their very own Original Juice.

  • How Many Pencils Do You Have?

    Students write "I have ~ pencils/erasers/etc" sentences. Then they ask each other "How many ~ do you have?" questions.

  • Janken Swap

    A card game where students janken and win cards from their opponents.

  • "How Many Apples?" Janken

    Students will try to "collect" apples by playing janken and asking "How many apples?"

  • How Many Guesses

    Students practice speaking with a set dialogue and try to guess their classmates' magic numbers.

  • The Speed Game

    Students count as fast as possible in this relay race.

  • Fast Food Mc Norm

    This is a fast food role play based on Total English 1's Talk Time 2 exercise.

  • I Doubt It

    Similar to the game Bull$hit, students use a deck of cards to ask each other how many of a certain card they have.

  • Odd One Out 'Is' and 'Are' basic practice

    Practice for 1st year junior high studying 'He is' and 'They are'

  • Under the Sea / Forest Creatures / Stuff on a Desk

    A couple of posters with lots of things to practice 'how many do you see?'

  • Memory Book

    A powerpoint activity for practicing 'how many' and plural forms.

  • Making Monsters

    This is a drawing activity for Halloween that can be used to teach body parts and plurals.

  • Plural Monster Drawing

    Students draw monsters while practicing body parts.

  • How Many Monsters

    Students practice asking "How many?" and review body parts by drawing monsters.

  • Monster Drawing

    Students use their knowledge of English colors, numbers, body parts, and shapes (optional) to draw a monster based upon the ALT's description.

  • Run and Read

    Pair activity that involves students finding information that is scattered around the classroom and passing it on to their partner.

  • Plural Monsters

    Students practice plurals (and the names of body parts) by drawing comical monsters.

  • Plural noun spelling category guessing

    Students try to intuit why some words in English end their plural form with -es.

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