Guess Who

Students use be verbs "am" and "are", nouns and adjectives.

Guess Who game to practice "are you _?" and "do you have ____?" along with answering "Yes I am, no I'm not, Yes I do or No I don't". I used this activity for 1st year JHS students. The estimated time is based on giving time at the beginning of the lesson to go over pronunciation and let the students take memo in katakana if they feel the need to. The activity can be made shorter by switching the English names to Japanese ones.

The vocabulary on the second page takes a few minutes too. I recommend giving some examples of what kind of sentences they can and can't make, especially what kind of sentences they can't make. My favorite is "are you a beard?", (anata ha hige desu ka?).

Spend some time on adjectives and body parts too. "Do you have a nose?" is a useless question in the game so they have to use the adjectives.

Last. I print the handout on both sides of a A4 paper. I make them do a few rounds in "normal mode" where they get 1 point for every time they guess their partner's character correctly. In the second half I change it to "hard mode". They get 1 point for every yes answer they get, 3 points for the correct name but they have to use 1 point every time they have to look at the backside where the vocabulary list is. I also allow the students to refuse to answer if their partner doesn't use the right verb.

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    Submitted by brazencopper May 13, 2021 Estimated time: 35 minutes

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