Spot the Difference! Worksheet

Students look at two pictures (before and after pictures work well) and describe the differences by using "There is/are" and "There was/were."

I made this for my 2nd year JHS students after the JTE requested an activity for "There was/were" for Unit 0 of New Horizon 2. I made the pictures using art from Irasutoya. I described the scenes as my room before cleaning and after cleaning. We checked the usage of the be-verb (singular vs plural nouns) and checked the meanings of the different prepositions (on, in, by, and under). I posted the picture in our Google Classroom so the students could look at it on their own tablets. The worksheet was printed out and handed to the students. I've included the png file, as well as the original word document (for those who want to edit/change the picture) and the worksheet for writing.

Note: This is just the room layout I went with as I didn't have much time to make the materials. If I could make it again, I would include a few more options that use "are" and "were". This time was mainly "there is" and "there was", but some students surprisingly got stuck on "There is a dog" and wrote "there are a dog". Feel free to make your own room or before/after pictures and adjust the worksheet accordingly.

Submitted by MrMomotaro April 28, 2023 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes (plus time for explanation and/or practice)
  1. EMILY May 1, 2023

    This is a perfect activity to practice sentence structure. I like it.

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