Vegetables - Vocab, Missing Game, Close Up Game

This power point first goes over vegetable vocabulary, then goes into a missing game featuring Yoshi from Mario Kart. It finishes with a close up game.


The first slides are individual vegetables, with their names and images in their plural form. Slide 10 has them all, so you can pause and review them once more.

Missing Game

Press enter or click anywhere to reveal Yoshi zoom across the screen in his kart. Ask who it was, then the next slide has Yoshi for everyone to see and the mushrooms that will be hidden behind vegetables in the following slides. The slides will have all of the vegetables. Have the students guess which vegetable the mushroom is hiding behind. With each guess, click the vegetable they chose to reveal what is behind it. Please note, pressing enter or on the background will proceed to the next slide.

After five rounds, it will seem like Yoshi is in the clear, but by clicking or pressing enter, a lightning bolt strikes Yoshi turning him tiny. The next slide shows him disappear into the now seemingly large vegetables.

Close Up Game

We will now be shown extreme close ups of real vegetables. Each vegetable has three hints, zooming out a little each time. Have the students guess which vegetable is being shown. There are five rounds.

At the end Mario congratulates Yoshi, and gives him a trophy. It features my target grammar, feel free to edit the words to your class's level.

Reference for those who may be unfamiliar with the Mario Kart game

Yoshi - name of the featured character
Mushroom - an item that benefits Yoshi
Banana - an item that hinders Yoshi
Lightning - an item in game that shrinks Yoshi

For this lesson we are not just learning vegetables but also the grammar:
"What vegetable do you want?"
"Some _____, please!"
"Here you are!"
So that is why these are in the plural form. I hope it can be useful for your classes! I am limited on my work computer but it would be fun to add a car zooming sound if you are capable :)

As always, let me know if any improvements could be made! Learning how to use power point in Japanese has been QUITE the challenge lol

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    Submitted by GinaG October 6, 2023 Estimated time: 10 minutes
    1. Bonjure289 October 10, 2023

      Fantastic! I love the zoom in vegetables, that is always fun!

    2. ratclass October 18, 2023

      thanks for sharing! I especially love the zoomed in quiz.

    3. Chinny October 30, 2023

      Thanks for sharing. It was fun.

    4. Ojers November 2, 2023

      This is cute and fun! I love the zoomed in stuff too.

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