Develops students' creative skills.

  • Will you Help Me?

    Students write a script for a determined scenario and do a roleplay in front of their class.

  • Alphabet Henohenomoheji

    Practice writing alphabet letters with a classic Japanese hiragana game!

  • I went to a Haunted House (Work Sheet)

    Halloween themed memory game good for any size class with litttle to no prep time.

  • Werewolf (人狼)

    A classic game of Werewolf. Perfect for Halloween!

  • (Which pronoun?) Introduce someone you like

    Get the students thinking about whether the pronoun is the subject, object or possessive and learn to use the correct pronoun while introducing someone or a group they like.

  • Black Box

    A fun activity in which students give hints to a student who is touching an unidentified object that everyone else knows.

  • Turf Takeover

    I have only played this game in my second-year middle school. I have a template version and an Infinitive version. This game was inspired by Keith Miyazaki's I Went to Japan to Use an Infinitive.

  • Where is...? / Where do you...? Quiz

    In this first year activity, students practice how to construct 'where' questions. They work together to think of a question that matches the answer. Points are given for accuracy and creativity.

  • I am happy to meet you. (be + adj + to + verb)

    A worksheet and a conversation exercise for Unit 3, Scene 2 of New Horizon 2(2021).

  • Grade 5 Daily Routine Star Wars

    Star Wars quiz game for grade 5 lesson on daily routines and Frequency Adverbs.

  • Airplane Crash

    A simple story-based activity that engages students' creativity. It focuses on the use of "because" as a conjunction.

  • He/She His/Her Character

    Student practice using the pronouns He/She and His/Her along with simple adjectives to draw a randomised character.

  • Time and routine mini cards

    ready to cut mini-cards and daily routine for short games

  • Tablet Activities - Elementary

    Are there any JETs from Kumamoto here? Thanks for these awesome activities.

  • Color Bingo

    Students color in the bingo squares per their liking and the teacher randomly picks/draws colors.

  • When/If Dynamite

    Students use when and if to describe as many situations as they can before the time runs out.

  • Hello! My name is ~

    Creating your own Lego person! Use at the beginning of the year during introductions!

  • NHE5 Unit 4: Who is this? Game

    NHE5U4: Using the "they can" grammar point, students have to figure out which character the teacher is talking about.

  • Hidden picture drawing game!

    Students help each other to draw pictures they can't see by giving instructions in English.

  • Comic writing!

    Students use their creative writing skills to add dialogue to a comic and make their own stories!

  • Zombie Apocalypse!

    Students debate or make a speech about how to protect their town from a zombie apocalypse!

  • What did you do for summer/winter vacation?

    In this activity, students write about what they did over summer or winter vacation using the past tense. Once they finish writing, they draw a picture of their vacation.

  • What have you been into recently/for a long time?

    This is a writing activity that brings out 3rd grade students' ability to express themselves through writing. You'll be surprised that they could actually write and love to express themselves!

  • Let’s make a Haiku

    Worksheet to make a haiku.

  • Christmas Wish Ornaments

    Students write their wishes on different Christmas ornaments, for an English board

  • The Nutrition Label

    This activity helps to explain the components of the food label. I edited the ppt from @nachona "where is it eaten?" to make this. Thank you for the slides! This was created for pg 19 NH2

  • Alternate Reality

    students think about what could be different in life using "if I were..."

  • Campaign for Nature

    students use passive voice to advocate for the environment

  • Universal Design pitch

    students brainstorm and present ideas about UD

  • Guess Who

    write "want to" sentences to help friends guess who/what you are

  • Shocking News

    students practice passive voice by reporting recent news

  • "People Watching" and poster

    students practice "looks" for appearances and make a poster following New Horizon 1 textbook activity

  • "Virtual Life"

    practice for "if I were... I would..." and "if I were... I could..."

  • Let’s make a Haiku

    A short and simple worksheet for students to use to make haikus.

  • JHS-1st Avengers-Pronouns + can (revision session)

    short power point presentation on HE, SHE and THIS (JHS grade 1)

  • NH⑥ Unit 3 materials ("Let's go to Italy")

    Printout and digital materials for use with New Horizons 6 Unit 3, "Let's go to Italy". Includes examples of various countries.

  • The Weirdest Day 1.2

    Group Story-Writing Activity!

  • Mario Kart DS Quiz

    Enjoy this popular activity based on the Nintendo DS version of Mario Kart. I have made a considerable use of its soundtrack composed by Shinobu Tanaka.

  • Answer Checklist

    A short group activity to practice making and asking questions, can be used for many different grammar points

  • Goldfish Scooping Jeopardy! (Present Simple)

    Jeopardy Quiz game using New Crown 1 up to lesson 1 part 1 simple present and more!

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