Develops students' creative skills.

  • Roll a Picnic

    Group activity in which get to roll a dice to determine what their picnic looks like.

  • Show and Tell

    Let's have a show and tell

  • Fill in the blank

    Students will compete to create creative imperative sentences!

  • Guess what! Activity

    Students write surprising "Guess what!" sentence. They then say these sentences in pairs and practice reactions. The sillier the sentences, the better.

  • Can I have your autograph?

    Your students will all be famous in the future! It is time to have them create their autograph!

  • It is important for humans to...

    Short activity practicing "It is ... for ... to" grammar from New Horizons 3. Teach an alien tourist about humans.

  • Code Breakers with Conan

    In the media crossover event you never saw coming, this activity combines Detective Conan with the UK show Countdown.

  • Who is the spy?

    A fun activity where students will figure out who is the spy by interviewing one another. Can be used for multiple grammar points.

  • My Original Country

    Just a fun extra activity creating your own country!

  • King's cup (Speaking game using cards)

    This is based on a drinking game. This activity is best used for 6-40 students, English club, warm up or the whole lesson. You'll need a cup and a deck of cards.

  • Numbers to fruits (Pictionary)

    Warm up activity for numbers lesson. A fun activity that makes the students become creative with their imagination.

  • Let's write a haiku in English!

    A worksheet to help with Unit 2 of New Horizons 3 if you want to have your students write haiku in English.

  • Deserted Island "we will~"

    Just another deserted island game using "we will~"

  • Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar!

    Days of the week revision.

  • It's rhyme time

    A ppt and worksheet combo kinda related to New Horizon 1 Unit 2 page 28, although I never translated the page to actually see what the point of it was. I just saw "rhyme" and a few poems and made this

  • Around the Town Cards

    This is a fairly versatile and beautiful deck of cards that is easily adaptable to a fair number of traditional card games for English lessons. From games like SNAP! and Speed (Spit) to GoFish!

  • Can You Do It?

    Warm-up or warm-down activity for ES students

  • Colors (Kindergarten)

    Lesson about Colors

  • A great idea. (Read and act.)

    This is a speaking and acting activity for Grade 6 OWS6

  • I recommend ~ ! (Plan a vacation) - NC 3 Talk 1

    This is a lesson addressing Junior High New Crown 3 Talk 1, which is about recommending places to travel to. It includes a review of the textbook as well as a customizable pair speaking activity.

  • Easier English Riddles

    An easier version of my English Riddles game.

  • If-clause board game blue sky page 33

    Students will practice the If-clause by playing a board game. Originally designed for Sunshine 2 2016 page 51

  • MadLibs (present perfect/continuous)

    Fun MadLibs group activity which uses present perfect sentences (including "yet" "just" "since" "for")

  • MadLibs ("when" conjunction)

    Fun MadLibs group activity which uses several "when" sentences.

  • Food Stalls Roleplay

    This activity allows students to practice transactional English in a free-form roleplay.

  • Job Interview Roleplay

    This activity is meant to get the 3年生 to practice several grammar points from New Horizon 3, encourage them to have a laugh by making funny roleplays, and practice conversation.

  • Design Your Own Prom!

    USA cultural activity for SHS students to design a prom for their school. Make 2 virtual posters/slides to show off!

  • English Riddles

    A PPT game of sorts where students try to figure out a bunch of different riddles.

  • Kahoot - Colour Kingdoms 🚩🏰

    A fun and informative way to show students how to play Kahoot's Colour Kingdoms

  • Instagram Post

    Great activity for students to express themselves via a cute "Instagram Post" template.

  • Plan a Trip

    A lesson designed to get students familiar with geography and engage them with a fictional vacation.

  • What makes me...

    New Horizons 3 Grammar Point __________ makes _____ ______. (Page 12)

  • This is my original character.

    A creative activity to practice this is/he is/she is grammar. New Horizon 1 Unit 2.

  • Animal Pictionary Cards

    Cards to play animal pictionary

  • If I were a castaway - Second Conditional

    Imagine what you music/book/luxury item you would bring as a castaway on a desert island. It's after British radio show called Desert Island Discs.

  • Prepared For The Future!

    A lesson where students think about life in 50 years and consider what sci-fi magic will be part of our daily lives. With some Fallout references...

  • I'm glad (that)... Where is the character game.

    Simple powerpoint game to practice the grammar point covered in One World 2 L1-3. Described as "emotional adjective+(that)+subject+verb", for example, "I'm glad that I met you again."

  • A Fun Speaking Activity (If/when)

    Hi guys! This is a good speaking activity for your students to practice 2 grammar points at the same time.

  • Reactions quiz

    A multiple choice quiz to pick the best reaction to some statements!

  • New Horizon "Have you ____________?"

    New Crown "Have you ____________?" Have you ever ____? Bingo Game

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