The Mystery Box Game

The mystery box game is a super fun power point game. customize all questions and pictures and animations freely. Have fun.

The mystery box game is a super fun power point game. The main reason is it's points system. This is not my original game. You can download the main template from internet or use this one. I just put all the questions and pictures and animations as I saw fit. Feel free to customized the questions and picture and animations.

Rules -
1. Make 2-6 groups .

  1. one team choose a question from board where you can see alphabets. After opening the question all team write their answers on board. set a timer for 20 sec.

  2. the team with right answers will get the mystery box and team with wrong answers wont .

  3. when you see mystery box on the screen ask each team if they want to keep or give the box ...

  4. after revealing the mystery box teams will have points according to their choice,, example if team 1 keeps the box and the box has 100 points then team will have 100 points . if team 1 gives the box to team 3 then team 3 will have 100 points and team 1 is 0. Very simple.

  5. To get back to the question board, click on the home icon on the right side.

  6. the team with most points will be the winner.

I hope that this game will help you to get your students engaged more into learning English if you play it in funny way. Thank for your watching. have a nice day everyone.

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    Submitted by johnwick007 October 3, 2023 Estimated time: minimum 25 min and maximum 40 min.
    1. ratclass October 18, 2023

      like this idea, sounds fun

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