Halloween Relative Pronoun Activity

An activity to practice relative pronouns (関係代名詞)

Credit to mmakuniru, I used their powerpoint and flash cards for this. However, you can use a different set if you want.

First, introduce Halloween vocab from the powerpoint, using whatever method you prefer. I just did repeat after me, then went through again and had students say it without me.

Then, I handed out the worksheet. I also handed each student one of the flashcards. Students need to write two sentences about the Halloween character/creature they have been given. I wrote an example sentence (this is a creature that likes blood) on the board.

After about 5-10 minutes I collected all the worksheets. I read some of them out as a quiz. If a student guessed what each one was, I gave them a sticker.

Submitted by thequeen October 31, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes/ a whole class depending on how you use it

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