Halloween Body Parts - Make a Monster

Students learn english names for bodyparts and then draw a Halloween monster based on their dice rolls to practice association.

Lesson flow

  1. Give students "The Body" hand out and cover lesson goals. Point to their body part chart.

  2. Have students repeat after you, showing each slide.
    2a. A few of the words should be focused on for extra clarification:
    .- Mouth - TH is a difficult sound for non-native speakers. "Mouth" will often be pronounced as "mouse". Stress TH sound.
    .- Stomach - CH does not make the "chuh" sound like in the word "cherries", it makes a "Kuh" sound like in "Christmas" or "choir"
    .- Knee - Silent K. Not pronounced "kuh-nee", just "nee".
    .- Foot vs feet - special rule for single and plural. Not "Foots". Can also review tooth vs teeth.

  3. Practice - Ask students to quickly shout the body part shown in the image. There are some silly examples. Feel free to add more here, if you need to extend the lesson time.

  4. Ask students to count the amount of bodyparts on the horse and alien on the bottom of their handout. More advanced classes can write full sentences (eg "He has two eyes"). While they do this, give each student a monster drawing sheet. Note: I reccomend NOT handing out the dice at this point, as some students will just play with the dice and not pay attention to the instructions.

  5. Review answers to horse/alien body part counting.

  6. Explain that student will make a halloween monster by rolling dice (if you do not have dice, maybe use virtual dice on chromebook, but the physical dice do make it more fun for them) and writing the numbers they get into the boxes. These dice rolls determine the number of bodyparts their monster should have. Explain clearly that the final box, "EXTRA", correlates to an special extra bodypart, like a tail or horns.

  7. Review the example monster drawing. You can replace my drawing with one of your own, if you'd like.

  8. Hand out dice and craft materials (eg colored pencils, markers, etc). Above the dancing pumpkin gif is a speaker icon, which plays about 30 minutes of English Halloween music - good ambient listening practice.

  9. Monitor students work, making sure their monster corresponds with the dice roll numbers. Make corrections when needed and help struggling students.

  10. When a student finishes their monster, check all dice roll numbers to their drawing. Give the student a fresh sheet to make a new monster with new dice roll numbers - repeat until end of class. In 50 minute classes, most students make two monsters, so consider printing double your student class size. Students can keep the drawings or you can display them in class or on English boards.
    10a. Small class sizes can present their monster in front of the class or 1 on 1 with teacher/ALT/classmate in pairs.
    - eg "This is my monster. His name is Candy Monster. He has three eyes. He has...."

Small files
  • Halloween Body Handout - MAZ.docx (653 KB)
  • Make a Monster - handout MAZ.docx (243 KB)
  • Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Make A Monster - body parts Halloween - MAZ.pptx (53.8 MB)
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    Submitted by mazracette October 19, 2023 Estimated time: 35-50 min (depends how long you want them to draw their monster for)
    1. cosmicality October 20, 2023

      Sounds fun, could you make the file slightly smaller or upload a Google Slides link?

    2. mazracette October 20, 2023

      Sorry, it's probably the music file in there. I'll reupload without the music file on Monday. Until then, here's a Google slides link

      My apologies!

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