Activities posted by crisxselda

  • Alphabet Worksheets (K-Z)

    The rest of the worksheets that I uploaded last year are finally here!

  • Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 KAHOOT

    A Kahoot review game for Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 with a BONUS section of one question each from all previous units.

  • Do you have a/an~?

    This is meant to be a whole lesson for Let's Try 2 Unit 5. This is good for 2nd or 3rd lesson in the unit. Feel free to edit as needed.

  • English Board for September

    Here are some ideas for this month's English board

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 1-3 Jeopardy Review Game

    Review vocabulary and sentences from Units 1-3 with this straightforward Jeopardy game.

  • English Board for July (~to summer break)

    Please see the attached files to this activity. I also included the picture of how my board turned out. I hope this helps.

  • Alphabet Worksheets (A-J)

    Here are more alphabet worksheets. I will upload the rest next week.

  • Weather Kahoot

    This Kahoot is to review the weather words for the Unit 2 of Let's Try 2.

  • Omoshiroi Kinenbi 面白い記念日 Kahoot Quiz

    A Kahoot quiz for 5th graders about interesting/funny dates to practice the question "When is~?" and the answer "______is _______."

  • English Board for June

    Sharing what I have on the English board for the month of June.

  • 5年 Unit 1 Jeopardy

    a review Jeopardy game for 5th graders

  • 12 Months of the Year

    pdf files of vocabulary cards for the 12 months of the year and small cards for a simple activity

  • English Board for May

    Sharing what I have on the ES English board for the month of May. There are Philippine-specific pages so please feel free to edit as needed.

  • Alphabet Worksheets

    Alphabet Worksheets I used the same font as the New Horizon's textbooks. I hope this helps.

  • Let's Try 1-World Greetings

    Matching Game

  • Useful links

    These are the websites that I often use when making teaching materials. I hope you find them helpful.

  • Adverbs & Daily Routine Practice

    Practice both adverbs of frequency and daily routine with these activities, all in one presentation!

  • Prepositions Practice

    Practice Prepositions with Mewo (c/o robertsbp) and Spotlight Game (inspired by chacha)

  • The Story of Stingy Jack (Halloween lesson)

    A short presentation with some animations and texts about the *real* story of Stingy Jack.

  • Practice Stationeries with Yokai Watch !

    This works well with Let's Try 2's lessons about stationery items. Review different stationery, play a simple guessing game, then ask Yokai spirits if they have stationeries.