Alphabet Worksheets (K-Z)

The rest of the worksheets that I uploaded last year are finally here!

Alphabet Worksheets A-J


Worksheets Instructions:
① Trace both upper and lower cases of the target alphabet.
② Find, circle, and trace the target alphabet. If Ss want to color the pictures, please encourage them to do so.

For our English board, students were encouraged to accomplish easy alphabet worksheets and get a sticker in return once they finished them. More and more students participated in the activity so I kept making new worksheets, which I'll probably upload in the future as well.

If you haven't seen the previous worksheets, please check them out here.

To see our English board, please check it out here.
May -
June -

As always, I'd appreciate feedback and if there are any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them :) Also, if you have any other worksheet ideas for practicing the alphabet for ES levels, please drop them in the comment section, too! TIA!!!!


These are the last few worksheets in my final days as an ALT. The past three years have been such a great learning experience for me, thanks to all the generous contributors, moderators, and admins on the website. Thank you all. お疲れ様でした。

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    Submitted by crisxselda March 14, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes~
    1. akopoito March 15, 2024

      Maraming salamat po! Ingat po lagi.

    2. YokohamaCPFC March 15, 2024

      They look great, I will find a good use for them. Btw the “Look at the pond” 池を見て instructions for the Aa sheet are copied onto the K-Z worksheets. Thank you.

    3. crisxselda March 18, 2024

      @akopoito walang anuman po :)

    4. crisxselda March 18, 2024

      @YokohamaCPFC thank you! I totally missed that.

    5. kibitan March 19, 2024

      love this! thank you!

    6. MaybePatrick March 25, 2024

      Thank you for this. And お疲れ様した kabayan!

    7. AariCynward April 23, 2024

      yay!! When you never posted them again I tried to make my own version, but they definitely weren't as nice as yours! Thanks!

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