5年 Unit 1 Jeopardy

a review Jeopardy game for 5th graders

①Prepare a board and a marker for each group. Alternatively, students may use one Chromebook/iPad for each group. Make sure that if they use a Chromebook/iPad, they know which app to use to write their answers. It's the "Chrome Canvas" or "クロムキャンバス" for Chromebooks and I'm not sure about iPads...🤔
②Prepare a scoreboard and a timer.

①Group students with equal number of members as much as possible. To make it easier, instruct them to be with their lunch groups and assign a number for each group.
②Show the 2-slide intro of the game and the Home slide of the questions. Say all the categories together and show students how to choose a question. For example, "Color, 2 points".
③Demonstrate how to do the activity by doing a sample question.
-Ask group no. 1 to choose a category and number of points.
-Open and read the question to the students.
-Show them the timer and tell them that they'd have 20 seconds to discuss with their teams and write the answers on their boards/screens.
-Everyone ONLY starts discussing/writing when you say "go!".
-Once time is up, all teams raise their boards/screens and the groups that get the correct answer will get the corresponding point(s).
◘NOTE◘ Make sure that students understand the rules of the activity before you begin the real round. Also, tell students that a different student should write the answer each round but they should work as a team to answer the questions.
④Start the activity and enjoy!
⑤The group that has the highest number of points by the end of the game will be the winner. You may give them stickers as a reward for their teamwork.

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