In a modification of the fun game Battleship, students use prepositions and locations to target ships.

Students make sentences by combining the words from the column and row. If they can say the sentence, the other student says whether or not the coordinates hit or miss a ship. The goal is to sink all the ships, or sink the most before time runs out.

Keep the sheets a secret from the rival team. Follow the script on the bottom right for gameplay. If the coordinates hit, "Yes, it is." If it misses, "No, it isn't." They should keep track of where they attack (Your friend's ships) and where they get hit (Your ships) by marking the space with a red X. If all of the spaces of your ship are hit, you must tell your partner(s). (I find "finished" is the easiest for my students, but you can incorporate more difficult language if you think they can handle it, or in order to review something prior.)

Please note: I could not find three distinct, simple boats to include, so I hand drew them on my physical original, before making the copies.

Set up:
1) Divide students into pairs or small groups
2) Have students draw their three ships on the grid labeled "Your ships." Do not let the rival team see it.
3) Explain the rules.

After set up, students should be able to play the game fairly independently by following the script.

With some small changes, this can be used for a variety of grammar points. However, it is currently made for the Crown Jr. 5, Lesson 6 "It is in the box."

Submitted by maya20 February 19, 2021 Estimated time: 5 min set up, 10 minutes play

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