Months Practice for One World Smile One

A Canada Quiz and a few other activities for practicing months

These are some materials I'll be using for One World Smile One Lesson Two

In the first lesson we mostly focused on the recommended textbook materials and cut out the cards.

I'll use the presentation and the cards in the second lesson.

I'll be using three activities in that lesson. They all use the powerpoint. The third activity will use the month cards that the students have cut out from their textbook.

1st Introduce the months with the presentation.

1) Next do the Canada month quiz. This is based on one I thought I posted here before but many not since I can't find it now.

The 1st four questions are fairly simple.

The next four have three hints because they holidays the students aren't familiar with.

Which each holiday I will give a very basic explanation.

I have small classes so I don't think I'll make groups or try to stretch this out too much.

2) The Star Get Game
On the demonstration screen show the three months and demonstate with the HRT teacher picking a month 'I like...' or '...please' and click on that month. You will either get a star or a shrug. The goal is to get stars.

The go onto the game screens with all the months. Students can call out months and try and get starts. After a star or shrug appears you can click on the star/shrug to make the month vanish if you want the screen less cluttered.

You can do this in a number of ways. They could make groups and chose what month they want. You could simply have students individually pick months. The latter is how I'll do it. I have very small classes at this school.

There are three rounds. You can skip ahead.

3) Finally a pair activity. This uses the cards the students cut out from the textbook. With the slide show demonstrate drawing a star on the back of six cards and then flipping them over again. Then demonstrate with the teacher, the teacher should have a set of cards and so should you. Optionally you can use the cards on the screen. Take turns trying to find the other's starts by saying 'I like...' After a set amount of time whoever got the most stars is the winner.

Then the students play in pairs. it is possible if there is time to play again with new pairs.

In a later lesson I'll use the 'lucky 31st' game and Birthday Bingo. I've linked to the rules for both of those activities.

Small files
  • OWSmile 1-2B Birthday Bingo.docx (104 KB)
  • OWSmile 1-2B Lucky 31st.doc (413 KB)
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  • OWSmile 1-2A Canada Holiday Quiz and Star Get Games.pptx (2.6 MB)
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