Make a Manga

Pre-made manga template with speech bubbles for students to fill in.

Submitted by Beestonian

August 30, 2021

Estimated time: 25-40 minutes

Based on OneyNG's Dragonball Peepee on youtube (, I made a short comic template that allows students some creative freedom in their writing.

I put students into pairs or groups of 3 to work on a single page, and they divided their own labour in writing and researching words/translating in the dictionary.

This is a very good exercise for initiative - I feel as though students have to be given explicit instructions in their activities and never get an opportunity to explore creatively. Therefore, 10 minutes of free idle time, to look at the pages and discuss all of the strange things in it is good for the students to come up with ideas for what the characters might be saying in that situation.

I got all kinds of different results, and they were quite amusing, so I hope that your classes will take this on too.

  • ALTPeanutButter August 31, 2021

    "A true sayain always sprinkles when he tinkles"

  • Beestonian September 1, 2021

    "Defeating a Sandwich... only makes it tastier"

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