Guess Who Level Up

This is directly inspired/from user rebvandev's "Guess Who" activity. My JTE wanted it to be more difficult, so I added some more options.

Thank you so much to user rebvandev for this beautiful activity. My JTE suggested that I make this activity more challenging, so I added the actions of playing basketball and tennis. Not every possible combination is on this worksheet, because I didn't have enough room to fit everything. This uses the present continuous verb, 3rd person.

Make sure to play with the JTE in front of the students first.

Students get into pairs. Students janken to see who goes first. The first student secretly chooses a boy. The second student must ask questions to the first student and deduce who it is. ("Is he playing basketball?" "Yes, he is.")

My JTE had the brave students stand up and play with the whole class. I also played a round with the whole class. It was a good time.

My favorite part of this activity was asking the students which names they thought sounded the coolest after they finished.

Submitted by oceanwave November 22, 2021 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
Inspired by Guess Who

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