NH3 Yearly Review Typhoon

Questions to use in the Typhoon Game to review New Horizon 3.

Use these questions when playing the Typhoon Game. These questions are based on the New Horizon 3 textbook for junior high school third-graders. Also available as a docx file.

1. What do your parents want you to be?
2. Have you ever seen the Paralympic Games?
3. Have you ever been to Hokkaido?
4. Why did Ishii Shigeyuki decide to design custom-made wheelchairs? {Because he was not satisfied with ordinary types.}
5. Have you taken high school entrance exams yet?

1. Is it easy for you to get up early?
2. What helps you learn English?
3. What does your mother make you do at home?
4. Do you know how to make okonomiyaki?
5. Can you tell me where the local [emergency] shelter is?

1. Name a food people eat in Korea.
2. How do you say "this is a picture I found on the internet" in Japanese?
3. Name a book that Natsume Soseki wrote.
4. How do you say "Chicken Nanban is a food people eat in Miyazaki" in Japanese?
5. Name the country I {the ALT} come from.

1. If it were snowing, what would you do?
2. If you were a fish, what would you do?
3. If you were in the Edo Period, what would you do?
4. If you were rich, what would you do?
5. If you had a YouTube channel, what kind of videos would you make?

1. How long have you lived in {city, town, village}?
2. What makes you happy?
3. Tell me what you do on Sundays.
4. Name a city that you want to go to.
5. If you had a job, what would you be?

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki February 7, 2022 Estimated time: 15 to 45 minutes
  1. dp911 February 27, 2022

    Thank you! This is very helpful!

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