Where is Naruto? (Countries)

Touch the flag to reveal if Naruto is there or not. Group by group, Students say "I want to go to ________" in order to choose. The group that gets the most guesses right wins.

How it works:

Have the students look for Naruto among the different countries. The objective is the target phrase, "I want to go to ___________" But can be changed for other lessons, i.e. "I'm going to," "I went to," "I visited," "I will go", etc.

Whoever find Naruto gets a point. If its a small class it can be individual points and in a big class you can divide them up into teams beforehand

Most points wins, and all the hiding places are in the notes of each slide

If you would like to use this style for any other vocab, you can replace the photos or you can holler in the comments and I can see what I can whip up.


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    Submitted by JohnTeacher April 11, 2022 Estimated time: 50 minutes
    1. jiggswalsh April 12, 2022

      Love it and hate it because I am not good at remembering flags... nice work!

    2. JohnTeacher April 12, 2022

      Thank you! But all I did was edit an existing game. If you zoom all the way out in PowerPoint on a slide, you can move the cloud animations out of the way. Then you can click to exchange the images new ones without affecting the animations. Also be sure to move all the clouds back over the pictures they were previously covering.

    3. UonumaRobert April 15, 2022

      For editing in powerpoint so you don't have to move objects around go to the 書式 menu and then to the オブジェクトの選択 tap. This will open up the object panel. There are little eyes beside each object. Click on that to make the object invisible so you can change the object below it. Then when you are done click on the eye again to make the object reappear. The original creator actually renamed all the objects for easier editing.

    4. ShadowTheHedgehog July 1, 2022

      Love this quiz!! However, one small problem. My students don't know the names of all these countries so they can't really guess where he might be because nation names aren't visible with each flag. Maybe the names are there and I just don't know how to get them to pop up on the screen? Really cool activity though!

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