Zombie Apocalypse!

Students debate or make a speech about how to protect their town from a zombie apocalypse!

Submitted by katiegregory

July 6, 2022

Estimated time: Whole class / 2 classes depending on ability level

A zombie virus has spread across Japan, but hasn't reached your students' town yet.
In groups, students need to come up with a plan. The type of plan can be: defence, attack, survival, cure or escape.

After they have thought of a plan, they must prepare a short speech to convince their classmates.
Standard version: What is your plan, what will you need, what is a problem with your plan, how will you overcome this.
Easier version: What is your plan, what will you need.

The groups then vote on the best zombie apocalypse plan!

This lesson is ready to use, but you will need to change the "uninfected" town to your own town.

Designed as a debate / speech lesson but can also be used to practice the future tense, as students will be talking about their future plan to stop the zombies.

  • zombie apocalypse debate.pptx (14.4 MB)
  • zombie apocalypse debate easier version.pptx (12.8 MB)
  • zombie survival plan debate.docx (336 KB)
  • zombie survival plan debate easier version.docx (334 KB)
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    1. BoyNamedCrow July 8, 2022

      I love this activity. So cool.

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