General Activity Descriptors

The activity practices or teaches about phonics.

Recent activities
Phonics Worksheets

Students use simple phonics to read and match words to pictures.

Mario Phonics Review B and V

Powerpoint Game Warmups for reviewing contrasting phonic sounds B and V in a Mario Theme.

First Phonics Lesson

This game gets them to associate letters with word sounds by having students generate English words in various categories that start with specific letters.

First Letter Phonics

Students play Karuta to help them understand the way letters work.

Cute Hand-drawn Phonics Chart (A-Z)

A bright and cute hand-drawn phonics sheet covering the letters of the alphabet.

Phonics Fun

Students listen to the ALT pronounce words from the worksheet and choose the corresponding words in an 'amida' or 'ghost leg' activity.

Canada Quizzes

Three choice quizzes I use when first start at schools. Might be useful for other ALTs from Canada.

Phonics Worksheets and Presentations

This is a collection of phonics worksheets and a few presentations I've used over the last two years.

Top 5 activities

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