Wants and Dreams Relative Pronoun "which"

This is a writing, listening, and reading activity with a "Who's this?"quiz at the end. The use of which here connects two relative clauses.

Have the first 10 minutes of the class for a small talk.


Materials: worksheet, whiteboard, eraser, marker
Read the goal together and explain the worksheet to the class. Tell them that in this activity, they will share random wants and dreams. In the box are the infinitive phrases that they can use in making their sentences.

Read the example sentences. By this, students will have a grasp of what they will do and be excited to share some of the things they want. Tell them that they can just change/replace the underlined words so it would be easy for them.

Let the JTE confirm if they understand what to do. When the instruction is clear, they start writing their own sentences below the worksheet. We did give them 10 minutes to think and write sentences.

After writing, give them 5 minutes to share what they wrote to others by reading it to them. They may ask questions and use free English (where students can use or speak English freely; Degawa English as others may refer it)

After sharing time, ask students to give their worksheet to ALT or JTE. Group the class in 6~7 (depends on their number). We usually have 36 students in a class, so we usually make 6 groups. Give each group the material mentioned above.

Start with "Who's this?" quiz. ALT and JTE take turns in quizzing the groups by picking one worksheet and read it to the class. The group then tries to remember if they have that student share his/her dreams and wants with one of them. Since some classes have built friendship and have known each other well, they tend to guess it right. In each quiz, a group will always be lucky to have that person in their group, so they would definitely know the right answer.

Submitted by hidariessie September 21, 2022 Estimated time: 50 minutes
  1. GudetamaLover October 17, 2022

    I really like this idea! Thank you so much!
    I think I am going to use it next week.

    There are two things I noticed in the examples though.
    First, Hawaii is not a country, so maybe it is better to change it to "place" instead.
    Also, I feel like a profession or job is something you have not something you are.
    So I think that "Vet is the profession/job (which) I want to have in the future" sounds better, but I am not 100% on that.

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