Months and Plural Verbs Concentration

Introduce the months with a short three hint quiz, play concentration and do some writing

NOTE: If you use the concentration game slide on a table the little star to make the cards vanish is a bit small. I was using it with a group of kids when I couldn't find all my card sets. The kids could click the star but my clumsy big adult fingers were hopeless at it.

Ah, too much free time in the office. One way to fill, cutting and laminating.

Months are taught at the end of the unit with plural verbs in the textbook we are using in my town so I'm doing this as a review.

Opens up with a Canadian Holiday Months Quiz. I lifted this from one of my elementary activities that is probably on the site somewhere. It can be done quickly as a class or in groups as a race and speak activity.

The goal of concentration is combining sentences, the first bit 'She plays tennis' with the second bit 'in August.'. To do the demo slide or the game slide say the sentence fragment and click on and say the second half and click on it. This will reveal two autumn images. If they are the same you click on the little stars to make them vanish. If they are different click on the image to cover them up again. If you made them vanish by mistake just click on the empty space and the card will reappear.

I do the demonstration in powerpoint then make card sets, one for each group. The autumn object cards have little stars on them. Each time I make a new set I change the color of the star that way its easy to sort them when they get mixed up. Also when making the sets you have to be careful that one of each autumn object is affixed to a verb card and a month card.

After demonstrating and practicing the vocabulary I have the students get into groups, select their order and play. I set a time limit and once its reached (10 minutes is tops) I collect the cards, congradulate the winners and have the kids put their desks back. Once back I have them do the follow up writing. They make sentences based on the pictures.

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    Submitted by UonumaRobert October 5, 2022 Estimated time: depends on how you do the month quiz. Anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes.

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