Plural Verb

Grammar points

He plays the piano. Does he play the flute?

Recent activities
Janken Points

Students read an English sentence and either win or lose the corresponding points over a game of janken.

Who Is Your Classmate

Students fill out a worksheet about themselves, and then do an activity where they try to guess who their friends are based upon the hints they wrote on their worksheets.

Grabbing Guess

Students guess how many objects you have in your hand or a box.

Make A Face

Students connect numbers to the correct phrases and finally to the appropriate pictures.

Zapper Zoo

A write and race powerpoint game. Useful for review.

Christmas Points Game

Simple powerpoint to review material with a christmas theme

Make a Monster

Students use present tense plural verbs to form sentences to describe an original monster.

Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game

A quiz review game and then a writing activity.

Who Likes Monsters

Students write third person sentences. Then play the Englipedia's Squares game, only a halloween version.

"Does he/she" Guess-the-character Game

Students compete to guess as many characters as they can by asking "Does (pronoun) (verb + object)?" questions. This uses the characters in the Sunshine textbooks.

A bunch of Questions for Quizzes

Questions lists focused on various grammar points

S/he (verb)s karuta

Practice verbs with an "s" at the end by playing karuta.

Buddy Chain Game

Short interview style game to practice 3rd person verb questions

Does/Doesn't Quiz

Students secretly choose one character and then interview their friends to find out their choice.

Memory Round

Students listen to the subjects their classmates like to study and memorise.


A group power point game good for reviewing many lesson points.


Students compose a series of questions to try and guess who the thief of the chocolate cake the ALT made was.

Uno Like Card Games

A speaking activity based on the Uno Card Game. The same deck can also be used to play Go Fish

Does He Like Sushi?

Students interview three friends and try to guess which character they have chosen using "Does she/he...?" questions and a process of elimination.

Comparatives "Totoro is bigger than Mei"

Pair activity to practice comparatives.

Can/Does Mastermind

Students play a simplified mastermind using 'can' and 'does'.

Big Top Circus Game and Curse of the Mummy

These are write and race type activities. The groups compete to answer the questions the ALT or teacher gives them.

I know a person who likes...

Students practice relative pronouns by guessing which classmate their partner is talking about.

When and where do you ...?

In this worksheet, students practice "when" and "where" by asking about each other's routines.

Does/Doesn't Guess-who quiz

Students guess the identity of other students using "does" questions.

Top 5 activities

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