New Horizon English Course 3 Unit 4 Scene 2

A worksheet to practice the target grammar.

This is only a written activity to practice the target grammar.
Please don't forget to tell the students to write their names because they tend to forget them when they are focusing on answering the worksheet.
I've also included an answer sheet to aid the JTEs in case the ALT is not around during the lesson.
You could also edit the documents based on your students' level.
Happy teaching! :)

Submitted by kcmajesty October 11, 2022 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
  1. JCond96 December 6, 2022

    There's a mistake in the final part of the worksheet. A second what is included in place of where. I didn't realise until my students had all got part II question 3 wrong.

  2. kcmajesty March 20, 2023

    Sorry for the mistake. I've uploaded the correct one.

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