My Memorable Experience

A writing activity for 3rd graders where they pick a card and share their memorable experience about it.

Materials to prepare: picture cards of your choice

Scatter picture cards of events, thing, food, animal, vehicle, season, etc. on the teacher's desk in front of the class. For demonstration, ALT and JTE pick a card which reminds them of something. For example, "Christmas". ALT starts to tell his/her memory about it. (This is the event I like the most. In my country, Christmas is loved by all people because it's time for us to give and get presents. We usually have Christmas party at school as well as at home. During this party, we play a lot of games.

After the demonstration, group the class in 6 and let them play janken to identify the first ones to have the chance to come in front and choose the card. Call them by their order (1st, 2nd, 3rd~)

Give them 10 minutes to write their own memory about what they picked. After 10 minutes, let them share it to their group members.

After everyone has done sharing, let them choose one volunteer in their group to share it to the class. If there's time left, let others to share theirs too.

Submitted by hidariessie October 11, 2022 Estimated time: 50 minutes

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