Reduced Relative Clause

The man making a sandwich is Jon.

  • G3- JHS -Here We Go textbook - Kahoots by units

    Kahoot quizzes by units for JHS 3rd graders.

  • Relative Clause Karuta

    20 karuta card designs made for Unit 6-2 of HWG3, reduced relative clauses. Answer sheet for helping students in class.

  • I Spy!

    A group activity based around the I Spy books, or other similar material.

  • Hunt for the ~ing 1 & 2 (9年)

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • JHS 三年生 Unit 4 Review (Pokémon Knowledge Quest)

    Review Unit 4 using fun Pokémon graphics to get students excited!

  • Murder Mystery

    Students read hints to figure out who the killer is. (reading, comprehension, critical thinking, teamwork)

  • Lesson Review-Jeopardy: JHS 3年生 OneWorld Lesson3-4

    Jeopardy Game Show powerpoint file specifically for JHS 3nensei One World, Lesson 3-4 Unit Review Reduced Relative Clause, Relative Pronouns

  • The boy sleeping on his desk is (UPDATE)

    Students try to identify a class full of slackers by listening or reading descriptions

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Party

    A logic puzzle featuring family members doing different things at the dinner table during Thanksgiving.

  • Post Modification Jeopardy (Autumn Themed)

    An Autumn themed game of Jeopardy to review various types of post-modification

  • Fall for English 'Race and Speak'

    A Race and Speak type game along with follow up writing

  • Pusheen's (PowerPoint) Halloween Adventure!

    A cute PowerPoint adventure featuring Pusheen the Cat.

  • My Memorable Experience

    A writing activity for 3rd graders where they pick a card and share their memorable experience about it.

  • The Halloween Scene

    A Halloween-style Busy Scene poster using the Relative Pronoun.

  • Who That Which Review Board Game

    A simple review for 3rd graders where they answer questions on a board game

  • Conan Clues - Participle Detective Worksheet

    Students act as Conan and investigate a crime scene. With clues such as 'a ringing phone' and 'a locked door', the students will be practicing participles as they crack the case!

  • Christmas in the Park

    A flexible busy scene poster. Play karuta, use with a worksheet, etc.

  • Robot Battles and Robot Racers

    A quiz game and a pair of writing games for reduced relative pronouns

  • Reduced Relative Clause Questions & Ideas

    Prompts for questions and ideas related to the reduced relative clause

  • Who made this? *Link to Drive below*

    A stylish quiz to practice reduced relative clauses

  • Relative Pronouns Art

    42 illustrations of all forms of relative pronouns

  • Soccer Speaking And Writing Games

    A pair speaking game and a writing group game

  • Powerpoint: The girl playing tennis is Yuka

    Practicing reduced relative clauses

  • Reduced relative clause worksheet

    A simple worksheet for practicing the reduced relative clause.

  • Pictures with Santa

    A logic puzzle based on the "Day at the Zoo" activity, useful for practicing contact clauses.

  • Textbook Treasure Hunt (Sunshine 3)

    Textbook treasure hunt activity to review grammar and content from Sunshine 3, Programs 1 through 7.

  • Forest Jeopardy Quiz Game

    A topic based quiz game inspired by the TV program Jeopardy

  • Man Wrestling a Shark

    A picture to use for making reduced relative clause questions/sentences (ex. Where is the man wrestling a shark?)

  • Uno Cards

    Who doesn't love card games?

  • Explain the Culture

    Use either as a poster for 'say the word' or as cards for 'taboo' and 'karuta'

  • Can you find the picture in the textbook?

    Students search their textbook for pictures that match the criteria and then write a quiz for their classmates.

  • Find the People

    Students practice the reduced relative clause by searching their textbook for people doing things.

  • This Is A Game I Played

    A simple speaking and listening Janken-focused sugoroku that has students say, "What's this?" "This is a ..." many times.

  • What's An Animal Found in Japan?

    Practice the "reduced relative clause" (ex: "an animal found in Japan") by quizzing your students.

  • Shadow Guess

    A silhouette quiz with the entire class followed by a similar quiz done in pairs.

  • What Is The Best Interview

    Students fill in their own answers and then ask their classmates questions such as, "What's the best movie you have ever seen?"

  • Christmas Dash

    A Christmas Themed Race activity useful for reviewing various lessons

  • A bunch of Questions for Quizzes

    Questions lists focused on various grammar points

  • Space Invaders / Combine the Sentences

    A feud quiz and writing exercise for reduced relative pronouns


    Almost Mario Kart generic animal car races

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