I went to a Haunted House (Work Sheet)

Halloween themed memory game good for any size class with litttle to no prep time.

Original game posted here:

You don't need a worksheet for this game but I wanted to share the one I made for my students who may not be familiar with Halloween vocab.


  1. Have the students stand in a circle.

  2. The first student will say the phrase and whatever they saw ex: "I went into a haunted house and saw a black cat."

  3. The next student will repeat the phrase and add what they saw: "I went into a haunted house and saw a black cat and a ghost."

  4. Students will continue to try and remember the list of items other students have said and whoever remembers the most wins!

I don't limit the vocab they can use just to Halloween phrases because I want everyone to feel like they can participiate so if "I went to a Haunted House and saw a pencil" then that counts!

(Also my JTE said the Japanese translations were fine but if someone sees a mistake please let me know! Thank you!)

Submitted by HolliAnderson October 12, 2022 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes

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