She loves dogs! (3rd Person Singular)

An entire class based around the 3rd Person Singular for 1st Grade of Junior High School

This lesson introduces and practices the 3rd Person Singular ("Does/doesn't" are not includes in this lesson, only the affirmative plural verbs)

First I introduce the topic with the PPT, reviewing some basic sentences and then eliciting the change in the verb from the students depending on the subject. (Some students will know this already or can riddle it out)

There are only 4 practice slides so take your time going through them, emphasizing the pattern and the changes in spelling, with some extra examples on the board if you need them.

Then move onto the game. I usually do it as either a write-and-race or race-and-speak depending on the class I'm using it for.

Students use the picture and word hints to make the sentence and I tend to award points in a decreasing order for how quickly they can give the correct answer.

Once they have finished the game and we have congratulated the winning group, I finish off the class with the worksheet. There are 4 people and in each box is the animal they like, the sport they play, the colour they like and the subject they study.

Students write the answers to the questions (in full sentences) and must be careful to use the singular form of the verb if two people like, play or study the same thing.

This tends to catch a few students out because they have become so focused on the pattern throughout the lesson so it' good to walk around and keep an eye on them.

I also often let the students complete the worksheets in their groups so that they can help each other and to help promote some collaboration.

If you have a very high level class, they may get though this very quickly, whereas a lower level class may take longer with the quiz and may not have time to complete the worksheet, so please judge it for the needs of your own class.

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    Submitted by GaeilgeAmee October 28, 2022 Estimated time: 40 - 50 mins
    1. symonbabe August 25, 2023

      This is really great,thank you.

    2. JulieW August 31, 2023

      This is perfect for introducing Lesson 4 Get Part 1 only. I often need to modify or end up making my own powerpoints, but this is ready to go! Thank you!

    3. mishpish October 12, 2023

      Incredible slideshow! The writing practice is also spot on. The only change I needed to make was the name on slide 18. The class got really into the answer race game. My classes have 8 groups, so I modified it to give 1st place 4 points, 2nd place 3 points, 3rd place 2 points, and all other teams 1 point if they get it right.

    4. anniecanning October 19, 2023

      This was great. Thank you!

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