Late for school - If I were you, I would....

Short scene to play through to get the students to practice the target sentence

Late for school - If I were you, I would....

I added another slide right before the ending as it wasn't landing well. I hope this version sets it up better. I make the students say "If I were you, I would run!"

Some links were broken. New version with no train accident and rehashed version of Beverbin's version where the student drives the train! Rereuploaded

Our protagonist (I ask the class to name him at the beginning of the activity) is late waking up and must get to school in 20 minutes. Will he make it? Will there be an adventure on the way? I certainly hope so...

I suggest a run through as there are some loud sound effects and to get to know which slides auto advance. The helicopter one is set to advance after the sound effect finishes. Be patient, it will go.

-On the board I write "If I were you, I would...." and "20 minutes to get to school" in a box.
-On each slide two options will appear.
-Ask the students to read the sentence on the board + their preferred choice in the PowerPoint. For example "If I were you, I would... eat breakfast".
-ALT and JTE judge which was the more popular choice then click on that box to advance the story. Maybe get them to repeat if it wasn't clear or put it to a vote, but I prefer it to be a loudest wins.
-Erase and rewrite how many minutes left on the board after each step.

Simple and fun. The first option will decide if the protagonist will do the adventure in his underwear or not! I don't think it is actually possible to run out of time, but that isn't really important anymore when you get to the end. You can run through the whole thing twice if it goes too quickly (and they get dressed on the first run through!). Also, I erase "If I were you, I would..." from the board after the first two or three sentences.

I really wanted to spend more time on this one and add more scenarios but, you know, time can be tough. I hope I can add to it for next year. Suggestions of possible events in the comments appreciated! I would love for our hero to meet his love interest in his underpants...

Have a great day and I hope your students have fun with this activity!

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    Submitted by jiggswalsh November 30, 2022 Estimated time: 10 minutes
    1. UonumaRobert November 30, 2022

      This is really great. I'd maybe ditch the getting hit by the train slide. Replace it with riding on the top of the train or something.

    2. msbanana November 30, 2022

      This is so much fun! Great story line and animations.

    3. Beverbin December 2, 2022

      What a fun way to introduce this grammar point! I don't know if it's just me but one of the links is not working. After the Godzilla and Ultraman scene, it keeps going back to the natto nightmare in underwear. Any advice?

    4. jenash2 December 2, 2022

      I love this, it is so cute. I'm excited to use this with my 3rd graders!

    5. jiggswalsh December 2, 2022

      @Rob, you are right. I will change that when I update it next year. Thanks, Ms Banana! Beverbin, I have checked them and they work for me. I have reuploaded again, maybe try and download it and try again. Let me know if it works... Sorry! Thanks jenash!

    6. Beverbin December 5, 2022

      @jiggswalsh, thanks for the re-upload. I am trying it with a mouse today - it sometimes makes a difference. I borrowed one from the tech. arts teacher and he said he got it from Daiso!! I also made a different version of your PP( grossly amateurish) with 'jump the train' replaced by 'drive the train'. I can upload this if anyone is interested. Thanks again!

    7. Beverbin December 5, 2022

      Many apologies, jiggswalsh! Of course I meant that my alteration was grossly amaterish. Your PP is a magnificent creation!!!!

    8. jiggswalsh December 5, 2022

      Flattery will get you everywhere! Upload away! I may play with your version if you do, if that is OK?

    9. jiggswalsh December 5, 2022

      I had some time today. There is a version with no train accident now. He jumps over the train this time!

    10. Beverbin December 6, 2022

      Awesome! Thank you. (and sure, it's perfectly fine.)

    11. Tohokuteach December 7, 2022

      Thank you for this brilliant PP...and for updating it (we've had some announcements about road safety recently....)
      As for other plot points, you could feed a cat, you could go inside the conbini... the list is endless!

    12. Vaderade December 16, 2022

      I also have the same issue as Beverbin. In both versions, if you choose to go to school instead of helping to fight the monsters, you get sent back to the natto mess scene.

    13. jiggswalsh December 16, 2022

      Apologies. I see the mistake now and have rereuploaded both versions! Thanks for letting me know!

    14. dominiquednl October 4, 2023

      Thanks for this. It's such a nice activity for pattern practice because the children were motivated to see the consequences of their choice.

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