Late for school - 'drive the train' version

This is a PP that contains a slight change to @jiggswalsh's version (the best!).

This PP runs exactly the same as in the original ( and best!) by @jiggswalsh. Basically I just pasted an irasutoya train driver picture to the moving train slides. It doesn't quite follow from the underwear version, and the students picked this up of course.
Not sure how to go about mocking up an illustration of a train driver in underwear, so will leave that for later ( hint, hint).

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  • If I were you, I would....'drive the train' version.pptx (17.1 MB)
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    Submitted by Beverbin December 5, 2022 Estimated time: same as for original version
    1. jiggswalsh December 6, 2022

      I played with it! I uploaded a version of this too. He shall be in underpants! But I am on an old version of PowerPoint at my school today so I can't add the wobble animation to that slide...

    2. Beverbin December 13, 2022

      Thanks again, @jiggswalsh!

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