3 Hint Quiz- Grammar of `Who`

This worksheet explores the usage of `who` using 3 Hint Quiz.

Grammar of Who C3-1 Worksheet

Activity 1- 3 HInt Quiz

  1. ALT will read through example and students will repeat (Naruto example).
  2. Students will read each hint and guess who is being described. They will write the name of the person on the line[

1. Oda Nobunaga
2. Oda Eiichoro
3. Naomi Osaka
4. Hello Kitty

  1. Allow students to share their answers with their partners before doing it with the class.

Activity 2 Grammar of Who Worksheet

  1. Students will use the pictures and word box to create their own 3 hint quizes

Harry Potter
Hikonyan (My city`s mascot so this can be changed)
Luffy (from One Piece manga).

Submitted by ashgalethia December 9, 2022 Estimated time: 25-30 minutes

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