Zoom in, Zoom out, Sports Guessing Game PPT

Vocabulary reviewing/warm up game for Elementary School Grade 6 One World Smiles 6 Textbook Lesson 6 Olympic and Paralympic Sports

This game is great to warm up at the beginning of the class after already learning the Olympic and Paralympic sports names.
The slide starts with a super zoomed in image of a sports and slowly starts to zoom out slide after slide until it shows the answer. Start on the first slide and give students some time to think before moving to the next slide. It starts with easier sports and students usually guess these from the first or second slide shown to them. Make sure you know what sport it is yourself so you can tell the students if they got it right/wrong/close.

This activity goes by very quickly because 6th graders are very smart! You can add more of your own by simply inserting your own image and cropping small portions of that image.

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    Submitted by maplemochi January 17, 2023 Estimated time: 5 minutes
    1. jappy July 5, 2023

      This is cool! How did you do it?

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