NH6 School Event Conversation Cards

Using school events and descriptions for Unit 7 in New Horizons 6

Some cards to use for conversation practice warm up. Each card has a school event and a description on it.

We used this kind of example.

Janken for who goes first.

A&B: Hello.
A: What's your best memory?
B: My best memory is _____. It was _. How about you?
A: My best memory is _
_. It was ____.
A&B: Thank you!

*then they exchange cards and find a new partner to ask.

We just review really quick what they need to do. I write the example on the board so they can reference it and we set a timer for 3~5mins and let them go at it.

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  • 6th grade Unit 7 conversation school event cards.pdf (1.72 MB)
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    Submitted by shinjirarenai January 30, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. sakotodan January 30, 2023

      Cool, there are some we haven't practiced like 'fire drill' but I think I'll pair this with a janken game like the winner keeps the loser's cards until there's one kid with all of them lol, or something like that anyway.

    2. shinjirarenai January 31, 2023

      @sakotodan The vocab is all from the New Horizons Picture Dictionary. It's weird they have fire drill in it tbh lol and nice! the boys I have start going wild if given a full janken battle game haha

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