Phonics Maze

Guide students through a maze using phonics.

Print out the attachments or broadcast them to your school/class LMS such as ロイロノート.

Students listen to your 'directions,' given as alphabet sounds. They follow along with their pencil, highlighter, or stylus. You may have to repeat the 'directions' a second time to make sure students followed.

Then, check students' understanding and pronunciation. Have them sound out the phonics from the maze 'directions' together as a class. Potentially, repeat this step again with students reciting and listening in pairs and taking turns.

The maze graphics were created by {}

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki February 7, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
  1. fukutanisan February 8, 2023

    This is awesome!!
    Another possible variation could be the students write down their paths (on paper or whatever software) and race, winner says it outloud "b, p, d...".

    You could ALSO easily edit this and make variations of this activity into different categories: verbs, colours, adjectives, sports, etc. instead of letters. :D

  2. ratclass April 21, 2023

    great! thanks for sharing.

  3. spainer June 1, 2023

    These are great thank you so much!

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