Let's Try 2! Unit 9 Daily Activities

Simple warm up activity for learning daily activities/routine.

Very simple and straightforward activity for Let's Try 2! Unit 9.

1st part: Learn/review new words
- Ask them first what the boy in the picture is doing and you can let them answer in Japanese.
- After they answer, teach them the English term of what they mentioned.

2nd part: Learn new grammar
- Ask them if they can remember the English term for 'wash my face'.
- Add the word 'I' and teach them the grammar.
- You can repeat all the new words they've learned but they need to add the word 'I'.

3rd part: Point game
- Divide the class into groups.
- Each group will choose one daily activity and they need use the new grammar they've learned. (i.e. I wash my face.)
- Each daily activity box has corresponding points.
- You can track the scores in the board.
- The team with the most points wins.

Feel free to add more slides. Enjoy!

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    Submitted by HeyItsMori February 15, 2023 Estimated time: 20-25 minutes
    1. okayer February 16, 2023

      Thanks for this! I want to ask where did you find the high quality photos of the small cards from let's try 2? yoroshiku onegasihimasu!

    2. badartist February 16, 2023

      Thank you! This is a tough unit to teach, but this will make for a good warm-up.

    3. Metapod February 16, 2023

      @okayer If you go to the textbook on your computer and you click on the どうぐ box you can find the section that says 絵辞書 from there you can choose the cards you want and make a "Card List" after that click the 再生 button and then the card slideshow will start with the cards much bigger, from there just go into your snipping tool and make youself some new picture files and BOOM you have nice big cards. Sorry if this is hard to follow qwq

    4. HeyItsMori February 16, 2023

      @okayer, the third comments answers your question perfectly. The digital book has the illustrations already. Enjoy! :)

    5. HeyItsMori February 16, 2023

      @badartist, I hope your students enjoy this activity! :)

    6. HeyItsMori February 16, 2023

      @Metapod, thank you for answering the question of @okayer. I honestly forgot how I got the illustrations since I made the Powerpoint way back 2021.

    7. leaveseclipse February 21, 2023

      Okay, getting those illustrations is a gamechanger. Thanks!

    8. okayer February 21, 2023

      thanks so much, minna! unfortunately, I don't have my own "school laptop." I am also not allowed to use my personal usb to plug in the school's laptop at the teacher's office. soooo... @.@

    9. Jed222 February 27, 2023


    10. nickteacher February 27, 2023

      Great activity and thanks for the slides as well.

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