4th Grade Daily Routine Game

To practice saying what you do at what time.

First, practice saying numbers together. Ask students to listen then repeat after you. I split the numbers into 3 groups: 1 to 12, 10's, 5's.

Next, make groups then ask them to say numbers one-by-one.

After practicing numbers, explain the rules of the main game. Students pick a phrase on the slide that they will complete by choosing a time. They can either have one member say the answer although I recommend the whole team saying it. Click the box with the time they said to reveal the group's score.

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  • 4th grade - daily routine game.pptx (6.34 MB)
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    Submitted by randomALT March 2, 2023 Estimated time: 25-45
    1. lilyvsstar March 6, 2023

      These gifs are so cute

    2. maeschooldocs March 10, 2023

      This is great. Thanks for sharing this.

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