Who Murdered Mr. White?

A mystery group game. Students must read the clues to find figure out who/what/where about the murder of Mr. White.

A murder mystery game. Can be played as a read run like activity or have all the clues in an envelope and have the group read them. Definitely many different ways you could implement this!

My students like the read/run style activity - so we generally have everyone in pairs. The JTE and I will hang the clues up around the classroom and have the students take turns being the reader/writer. I'll dramatically read the story and then pass out the worksheet - go over who the suspects are and what the weapons are. Once we know they understand - off they go!

*editing to mention that I highly recommend adding some BGM and turning the lights on and off while reading the situation.

Submitted by shinjirarenai April 6, 2023 Estimated time: Could take a whole class period (45~50mins)
  1. AVGKF April 7, 2023

    I have been wanting to do a Clue/Mystery game for a while now so thank you for this! I am a bit confused though, what are the students supposed to write? Are they just copying the clues?
    And also what is the answer?

  2. shinjirarenai April 10, 2023

    @AVGKF I generally have the students write the clues down. It's just easier for them to keep track of. If it's a read and write style - I'll have them just write it down as a memo (Japanese or English). If it's being read as a group you can have them write it down in English or translate it to Japanese or just omit writing it down and only have the clue papers.

    And it should be Mr. Pink in the music room with a baseball bat!

  3. momozono April 11, 2023

    Hi! This is a really cool idea! I'm a little confused about the answer, how do they know it was Mr Pink in the music room with the bat?

  4. leaveseclipse April 11, 2023

    You have to rule out the other possibilities. Eventually you will have only Mr Pink as a suspect and clue 14 tells us the baseball bat is in the same room as him. Clue 7 tells us he is in the music room.

    Also noticed a slight spelling error in the pdf. "Lightening" should be "lightning"

  5. shinjirarenai April 13, 2023

    ´╝ámomozono Thanks! It's all about the process of elimination! ;)

  6. shinjirarenai April 13, 2023

    @leaveseclipse Thank you! I didn't notice that whoops! - fixed it and replaced the file.

  7. leaveseclipse April 13, 2023

    Thank you! Honestly really enjoyed doing this activity myself haha it's great fun. Looking forward to trying it with the students sometime

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