Who Killed Mr. White?

A fun detective mystery game which can improve the teamwork and the memory skills of the students.

This is a game I got from "Shinjirarenai" which he/she got from "Judekichi".
I just changed a few things. For the weapons, I replaced the gun and knife with banana and book. Cafeteria with Computer room since we have no cafeteria in our school.

I printed out the clues/hints (B4 paper), cut it, and glued it on a colored paper. I laminated it too since I'll be using it again in the future.
I placed the laminated hints inside the envelopes I bought from a 100-yen shop and put it on the board with magnets.

Instead of doing it in pairs, I did it in groups of 4 members
They played RSP and chose their sequence.

All Player 1 (or I called them First Detectives) goes to the board and chooses 1 envelope.
They have to wait for my "Go signal" before they can open and read the hint.
I gave them 20 seconds to read SILENTLY and another 20 seconds to write the hints on the blank space that I provided each group.
While waiting, I told the other members who are sitting down to think.

You can do this for 16 times (since there are 16 hints).
I gave 10min. to write the answers. I allowed one student per group to go to the board and read the hints again.

I encouraged students to write their answers in English.

I made sure to have at least 5min. to answer and repeat.


  1. Who killed Mr. White?
  2. Mr. Pink killed Mr. White. / Mr. Pink did.

  3. What weapon were they using?

  4. They were using a baseball bat.

  5. Where was Mr. White killed?

  6. He was killed in the music room.

  7. When was it?

  8. It was Tuesday at 6 o'clock.

*For number 2, I explained to them that we already know that it's Mr. Pink and Mr. Pink is a boy. So, we can use "he".

Submitted by cjaneytube September 21, 2023 Estimated time: 50min.

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