Yokai War 'Asked or Told'

This is a write and race activity for practicing 'He told me to study' or 'She asked her friend to have coffee'

I posted this activity as a 'Magic Quiz' or 'Feud' type activity a year or so ago but I'm now repurposing it as a Write and Race Battle Game. The instructions are too long to just tack it onto the orginal post so I'm making a new post. This is the same type of game as Gang War and a few other battle games I've posted. Its similiar to Battle for Japan however unlike battle for Japan the groups work at their own pace.

There are four Yokai armies. You put the class into groups. If there are 6 or 8 groups then two groups are allied so there will be two oni teams, two kappa teams, two yuki onna teams and possibly two tengu teams. If there are 9 groups then there will be three allied teams, so three oni teams, three kappa teams and three yuki onna teams. If there is an odd number of teams such as seven or five then the groups will have to be rearranged. With teachers and classes that can't rearrange easily I don't do this type of activity. Its best to stick with a simple point game when communication isn't going all that well.

You demonstrate the activity on the demo slide with the help of the JT. You each play as one of the armies. You click on the start button to show the first picture and then keep clicking through it to build the answer. The answer will eventually be 'She asked them to have coffee. They went to Starbucks.' the second sentence is a 'plus one' and the students can write anything related to the first. Say you show your answer to a teacher and then click on one castle until your army appears. Both ALT and JT claim a castle at this time. Then click start again to show the next picture. With the students work out the answer and click on the remaining castle until your army appears. Now all the castles are claimed. To take a castle from another army the student must roll a die. If the result is a 4,5 or 6 they can claim the castle. If the result is a 1,2 or 3 they are out of luck. Tell them they will have a time limit and at the end the army with the most castles is the winner. On the play screen when the time is up you click on the silhoette of the winning team to make some dancers to appear. If you click on the bottom dancer it takes you to a writing screen for individual writing.

I'm lucky enough that my schools let me run my activities on my own tablet but it works fine if you are using a computer that can run powerpoint. I usually have a box sitting beside the tablet or computer with a die in it. I generally let the students manage the game completely. After a teacher checks their answer they roll the die and if they get a high enough number they can click on the castle until their team comes up. At this point the kids are good enough with computers that they can run the game on computer or tablet. This frees up both teachers to check answers or help groups that are struggling. If you can't trust the kids to run the game then one teacher should stay by the computer and help manage it.


Most of my teachers like the students to do some kind of pair speaking at the beginning of each class. This is usually done once or twice and the topics can vary.

This is a quick warm up to review the 'I want to you to...' language point. It is done in pairs. They do Rock, Scissors, Paper and the winner gives the order and the loser obeys. Then they repeat. You can either set a time limit and the one who gives the most commands is the winner. Or you can have them stand in pairs and whoever gives all five commands first is the winner and then they sit down.

After the time limit on the battle game, you cheer the winner and then break up the groups. Students can then work by themselves two answer one of the questions at the end of the worksheet if there is time. Odds are there won't be time.

You should print out the picture sheet, one per group and the worksheet either for each student or one per group. If it is one per group tell them to alternate writers.

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    Submitted by UonumaRobert April 25, 2023 Estimated time: The main game needs about twenty to twenty five minutes. Altogether its a full lesson.

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