Find the Thief

A group-based speaking game for the "there is/are" grammar point. Find the thief before he steals your money!


  • Divide your class into groups. (ideally 4 students per group)
  • Every student starts with $100 that they will secretly hide in the 9 rooms in their house. They can hide the money however they wish, whether it is evenly divided in all the rooms or all $100 in one room.
  • Each group member takes a turn being the thief. (They secretly choose the number of a room to hide in.)
  • The other group members ask one question each to the thief about the room: "Is there...?", "Are there....?", "How many...?"
  • Then they each guess which room the thief is hiding in.
  • If they find the thief, they take $5 from the thief. If they don't find the thief, the thief takes the money from the room that they hid in.

What You Need

  • One scorecard for each student (see the PowerPoint for how to fill out the scorecard)
  • One picture of the rooms for each group
Small files
  • Find the Thief Scorecard.pdf (53.1 KB)
  • Find the Thief Rooms.pdf (762 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Find the Thief.pptx (6.53 MB)
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    Submitted by 4sarah1212 April 25, 2023 Estimated time: 15 - 25 minutes
    1. KaterinaSenior April 26, 2023

      Heads up that a couple of your 100s and 20s are running onto the next like making the numbers confusing. Otherwise, this looks really fun and I can't wait to run it for my students!

    2. 4sarah1212 April 27, 2023

      @KaterinaSenior Thanks for the heads up! I replaced the font and re-uploaded the PPT. Hopefully that fixes the problem. I hope your students enjoy it :D

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