Prepared For The Future!

A lesson where students think about life in 50 years and consider what sci-fi magic will be part of our daily lives. With some Fallout references...

I wanted students to practice discussing the future and making predictions about what they think the future will be like. So! I have made a lesson that allows students to consider various sci-fi elements that could be around in 50 years and how it could change our lives. I'm also a huge fan of the Fallout video game series and desperately wanted to reference it lol.

First, I go over what is "the present" and then "the future." This idea is pretty easy for students to grasp, so don't spend too much time on this. Next, the students have to learn some futuristic vocab words! I just go through the slides with them, read the words, and have students repeat me. The handout has a small version of the pictures so if they can't see the board, they have pics in front of them.

Now the students can think about making a prediction! First, they're going to work in a pair and write one simple prediction using a vocab word from the slides/sheet. It doesn't really matter which format they choose (I think or I predict), so they can just circle which word they want to use. They can write it on the first sentence in the box on their sheet (you'll see what I mean). Give them about 5 minutes to come up with something and once most seem done, ask for volunteers! I usually have 3 students answer but if students are excited to share, let them share!

At this point, students will work on the paragraph section. I've also provided them with a sample paragraph so they know what to do, but please stress that you want their own idea. Now they need to make 2 new predictions using 2 different vocab words. If they already used the word "robot," they'll have to choose 2 new words (flying car and lightsaber, for example). They will have 3 different predictions in total. In the paragraph, they'll have to explain how these futuristic things will impact our lifestyle. Students get pretty creative with this part, so definitely walk around the room and peek at their sheets!

I like to have students work alone on the paragraph for about 10 to 15 minutes, but then I let them use their smartphones and collaborate with others to finish their paragraphs. They collab for another 10 to make sure they can finish up their writing. Again, the students all have pretty great ideas, so walk around to see what they can come up with after they get a chance to collab.

When I do this lesson, I tend to have a couple extra minutes at the end, so I ask some students to share their paragraphs and they read out loud to the class. I've gotten some funny responses (for example, the possibility of robot girlfriends), so please encourage sharing!

In my school, I only do this lesson with 3nen classes, but I'm sure 2nen could do it too. Please try it out and let me know what you think! :3

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    Submitted by sbeecee May 11, 2023 Estimated time: 50 minutes
    Inspired by Future and Prediction
    1. abel660660 May 12, 2023

      Bless you for this one.

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