Drawing Challenge

Students complete a task then have to draw something and their English teacher guesses what it is!

Drawing Challenge - Teacher guesses!

I did this activity a few times over the last week or so and it went well enough that I thought I would share. Basically, teams answer a question, then draw something on the blackboard (within 15 seconds) and their English teacher (JTE) tries to guess what it is. If the JTE can guess, that team gets one point. I am sharing my list of things the students have to draw arranged by team then question number.

-Students in groups (3-4) depending on class size.
-Split the blackboard into sections (1 section for each team) and hand out whiteboards if you are using them.
-Get the students to decide their order in their group (janken!).
-The JTE says a sentence that the students write/say it in English or ask them a question.
-Students complete the task and the JTE and the ALT check their answers.
-As the teams answer, I run around and show them what they have to draw for each round.
-The groups that can submit an answer can try to draw their team's word. If they run out of time sit that round out.
-Do an answer check, correct common mistakes.
-Then 1 student from the teams that completed the task try to draw a picture of their word (15 seconds). All at the same time. Tell them not to write letters/numbers (you decide how strict you are with this. The "M" on Mario's hat for example if fine I think).
-Then let the JTE try to guess each team's word (you can give the JTE theme hints early on ("They are animals", "They are subjects", etc), but towards the end, as they get more difficult, I will say "no more hints". The JTE may guess the theme or there may be no theme!). Each word that the JTE guesses correctly gets a point for their team.

I will try to think of more words and add to this at a later date. Suggestions are always appreciated! The character ones are popular! I have only done this activity for 4-6 questions (15-20 minutes) and hand picked which number to do so that they get to do difficult ones even if you only have a little time in class. Bear in mind that if you intend to do this over several classes with the same teacher you might need more words to draw! I have only done it with teachers I had maximum of 2 classes with as of writing this.

Have a good week dudes!

Submitted by jiggswalsh May 15, 2023 Estimated time: 15-30
  1. hotokeki May 15, 2023

    This looks like a fun game, just a little unclear on whether the questions you give them are Japanese sentences to translate, or the other way around?

  2. jiggswalsh May 16, 2023

    Apologies. I worded it poorly. Updated. JTE feeds them Japanese and they sprout English.

  3. hotokeki May 24, 2023

    Don't worry, thank you for the clarification! I can't wait to play this game!

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