UPDATED! Codebreaker Number Practice

Codebreaker-style game for practicing listening to number names with a SpyxFamily theme (now with a companion animation).

This is an updated version of my previously posted "Codebreaker Number Practice" that I made for a special needs class that needed practice with names of numbers 1-20. All you do is read the numbers in the coded message and have the students write down the numbers they hear in the boxes provided. As a group you can double-check everyone heard the right numbers, then they can use the provided key to decode the message.

I extend the activity past just listening practice by having them help me write the message on the board and helping me translate the meaning of each word. I don't think they know "behind" yet, but I helped them find the definition at the back of the textbook.

This time I made a little Powerpoint animation to go with the new secret code message, which is "[Anya is] behind the big tree". Show them the park scene before you start the activity, then when they decode the message, start the animation and she pops out from behind the tree (smirking of course). My kids thought this was the funniest thing ever!

I just use this for my 1nen special needs class, so I keep the message simple and the numbers only up to 20, but you can of course edit the doc and Powerpoint to include whatever message, numbers, and characters/theme you desire! I plan to reuse this park scene, so here are some other suggestions for secret messages/places to move Anya:

  • inside the garbage bin
  • under the water
  • behind the bush
  • inside the playground
  • on the blimp


Small files
  • Updated codebreaker number practice.docx (188 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Updated codebreaker companion animation.pptx (2.06 MB)
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    Submitted by tessasensei May 19, 2023 Estimated time: 15
    1. deedeek May 22, 2023

      This sounds fun! I've been wondering how to make my listening practice more fun as my students hate listening to the textbook --which is fair enough. I think they'll really like this! Thanks for making :)

    2. Thysess June 13, 2023

      Fantastic activity

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