Animal Crossing Birthday Bingo!

Practice asking about and saying birthdays! Who can fill up their bingo card the quickest? Now in an Animal Crossing theme.

I liked the idea of doing a birthday bingo type of activity with my 5th graders, and put my own spin on it. I figure that they get enough practice saying their own birthdays throughout this unit so I decided to change it up and get everyone new ones instead. Everyone will become an Animal Crossing/Forest character!

6/7 update: I added pdf files of the worksheets so you can share them with your JTEs/students to conserve paper! (and removed a slide from the explanation ppt)

Basically, how Birthday Bingo works is:
1) Give everyone a Bingo Card & worksheet. There are tiles for different months and ranges of days.
2) Let the students go around asking "When is your birthday?" (janken to determine who goes first), and then have them circle off tiles that match what their partner said--for example, their partner saying "My Birthday is May 5th" would allow them to circle the "May" and "1st-5th" tiles. Afterwards, they switch roles before finding new partners.
3) The student/s who can get the most bingos after some time (5~10 minutes) is the winner.

Animal Crossing Birthday Bingo uses character cards for the kids to follow instead of their own bdays, and each card has some extra info on it as well. For this activity's purpose they only need to pay attention to the birthday, rock/paper/scissors symbol(which is the sign they're supposed to choose for janken first every time), and what species their character is. The Bingo Card tiles also include "Met a human/bird/tanuki/etc!" and "rock/paper/scissors". I added little icons of animals on the bingo cards to make it a bit easier for the kids(and teachers) to tell if they're not especially Animal Crossing savvy. I also put a guide for saying months & dates onto the worksheets. ..It IS in katakana-English, which isn't ideal of course, but this does tend to be one of the more difficult topics for the students so I included it to make it easier for them to productively communicate and use for future reference if they keep it in their English folders.

The included files are the actual card-sized character cards(design based on both the animal crossing amiibo cards and my previous activity lol), editable bingo card worksheets (with 4x4 and 5x5 bingo card versions), and an extra powerpoint to serve as a visual guide to how it all works. I made a 4x4 version for smaller classes or when you or your JTE don't want the activity to take too long, but so far my JTEs said the bigger one was ok to use in their classes so I haven't tested it yet. The 5x5 bingo went pretty well though!

Small files
  • Animal Forest - Birthday Bingo Worksheets (all).pdf (296 KB)
  • Animal Forest - Birthday Bingo Worksheet (5x5).pdf (172 KB)
  • Animal Forest - Birthday Bingo Worksheet (4x4).pdf (178 KB)
  • Animal Forest - Birthday Bingo (card only).pdf (336 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Animal Forest - 45 Birthday Cards.pptx (21.2 MB)
  • Animal Forest - Birthday Bingo Worksheets.pptx (2.57 MB)
  • Animal Forest - Birthday Bingo.pptx (13.3 MB)
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    Submitted by larimarly June 1, 2023 Estimated time: 5~15 minutes, depending on how big your class is
    Inspired by Birthday Bingo
    1. Bonjure289 June 2, 2023

      Amazing!! I love the sound effects, and how polished everything is! Great job!

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