Do you want to take my bomb? POWERPOINT

A very over-the-top powerpoint explanation for the may I give you a bomb / do you want a bomb / will you take my bomb game!

Just throwing the powerpoint I used for this game up! It's a very versatile activity, but if you need to change the grammar point, detailed directions for slide 3 are below.

  1. Open the Objects window on your PowerPoint.

    (If you're using PPT in Japanese:
    ーclick on any image, then go to 図の形式.
    ーclick オブジェクトの選択と表示)

  2. All text boxes are labeled as "text box", then the sentence; you will probably want to change the text in the following objects, depending on your grammar point.
    ーtext box 1: do you want to take my bomb?
    ーtext box 2: no, i don't
    ーtext box 4: do you want to take my bomb?
    ーtext box 5: yes, i do...

The PowerPoint got a lot of laughs from my classes, so I hope yours enjoy it too! Have fun and hope your kids don't go too insane!

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    Submitted by LyricaLottie June 12, 2023 Estimated time: 10 minutes

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