Occupations Go Fish

Mini cards and flashcards of 24 occupations. Can be used for cards games such as Go Fish or Concentration. The first slide has the mini cards and can also be used as a worksheet for practice.

Lots of preparation unfortunately.

I'd suggest blowing up the first slide to A3 size and using two copies for a set of Go Fish cards.
How I do it is to print a dark pattern on the back of each A3 sheet before laminating and then cutting. This way the cards are thin, strong and last for years. I use different coloured paper or draw coloured lines on the A3 sheets before laminating to distinguish between sets.

Rules for the few who may not know:

One set per group of 4-6 students. 5-6 cards each, the rest of the pack face down in the middle.
Players take turns to ask any other group member for a card using the target language.
Such as "I want to be a doctor", if the targeted member has the card they hand it over, if not they say "Sorry, go fish." and the student asking picks up a card from the pile.
Student with most pairs at the end of the game is the winner. If a student at any time ends up with no cards they pick up one from the pile and continue.
The game only ends when there are no cards in the middle and all members have no more cards. Or lesson time runs out.

I always demonstrate this game at the front as so many students mistakenly think it's just babanuki and stop listening.
Go Fish is one of the best card games for forcing students to speak IMO.

Please note that I got these cards from another site ( and the names are embedded into the images. The majority are fine but there are three you may want to change or just explain to the students that they are outdated. They are Fireman, Waiter/Waitress and Actor/Actress.

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