Let's Try 2 Unit 3 Vocabulary Cards

Big Vocabulary Cards for the weekly activities in Let's Try 2 Unit 3.

These are big vocab cards for the various activities introduced in Let's Try 2 Unit 3. They are in the style of the New Horizon vocabulary cards.

I print them off, double-sided and A4, and laminate them.

The vocabulary used is a combination of the activities introduced in the book as well as activities that my students suggested as reasoning for their favourite day of the week.

I personally used only the first seven cards (until "relax") as I think the new vocabulary is quite overwhelming so I kept it simple. However, I made the extra cards in case anyone prefers to use additional or different vocabulary. There is also a blank template file if you wish to make your own.

Feel free to use in any way you would like. I taught the kids the vocabulary on the first seven cards and then they made their own schedule and built their own sentences using these.

Edit: I updated the file to have an ES-friendly font.

Small files
  • Blank Template - Light Blue.pdf (7.56 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • LT2 U3 - Weekly Activities.pdf (4.22 MB)
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    Submitted by tendoalt June 15, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. JackyKillian1701 June 15, 2023

      These are some great flashcards! I'll have to share these with my co-workers.

    2. Sarachans June 16, 2023

      These look great and very useful, thanks for sharing your work.

    3. StoleUrMeme June 19, 2023

      These are perfect!! Do you mind me asking how you made them?

    4. tendoalt June 19, 2023

      @StoleUrMeme I made them on Canva! Which I pretty much use for 90% of the resources I make. Unfortunately they are in pdf form because of that though.

    5. wajimaALT June 19, 2023

      @tendoalt These are awesome! Is there a particular reason you used "play sport" with the "s"?

    6. tendoalt June 19, 2023

      @wajimaALT Do you mean with no "s"? Hmm, that's how I would naturally say it ("I play sport on Wednesday" rather than "I play sports on Wednesday"), but this could be a cultural/dialect difference perhaps? Would you like me to make an additional card with sports with an "s"? It wouldn't be a hassle.

    7. tendoalt June 28, 2023

      @ELQ35 Thank you for your comment! I have been trying to find a suitable equivalent on Canva. I am now in the process of changing the font to KG primary penmanship and will update this post with the new cards shortly!

    8. tendoalt June 29, 2023

      @ELQ35 Hi, letting you know I have now updated the vocab cards to have an ES-friendly font. Thanks!

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