ALT Jeopardy (for leaving JET)

A jeopardy game with mini-games related to yourself. Fill in your info and pictures and have a fun last class~

Before You Play

  • Please change the names and details to match yourself!
  • Prepare white boards and markers.
  • Optional: Prepare sheets of paper if you want to keep some of the results as keepsakes.

How to Play

  1. Make groups.
  2. Let groups choose the category and level to play.
  3. Have fun with the mini-games / trivia!

Category Types

Let's Draw

  • Groups have 1 minute to draw things related to you! (For me it was characters, the American flag, and then myself!)
  • Award the number of points corresponding to the level to the most accurate drawings.
  • Give a bonus point to fun drawings even if they weren't accurate.

Trivia (トリビア)

  • Groups answer questions about you. (Try to ask about things that students should remember about you, like things you talk about often or mentioned in your self-intro lesson.) -Award points as shown on the slides. (1 point / answer, # corresponding to level, etc.)


  • Groups have 30 seconds to a minute to memorize information (about or related to you) from a slide. After, they either
    • have 30 seconds to write what they remember on their board or
    • take turns saying what they remember out loud in front of the class
    • Award points based on how much they can remember.

Random (でたらめ)

Rock, Paper, Scissors Battle Royale
- Everyone stands up. They sit down when they lose.
- When three kids are left, give them the option to battle you for points double or nothing.

Tongue Twister
- Which group can say the English phrase the most times in a given period.
- Award points based on # of times they said the phrase.

- One person from each group is given a slip of paper with English on it. (Mine said: I love you. You are amazing!)
- They play telephone in their group and the last person has to come up to you and tell you the phrase correctly.
- Award points based on speed.

Poem / Rap
- Groups have to write a poem / rap about / to you.
- Award points based on which ones you liked the best.

Find Me
- Show pictures of yourself and others and have groups choose which one you are in the picture. (I started easy and progressively showed pictures that were harder to identify me because of costumes, age, etc.)

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Last Class Jeopardy.pptx (23.4 MB)
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    Submitted by 4sarah1212 July 12, 2023 Estimated time: 50 minutes / full period
    1. billd July 13, 2023

      By any chance your a Latech Dawg?

    2. billd July 13, 2023

      Good luck in your next journey and thanks for all the love shared with us!!

    3. 4sarah1212 July 14, 2023

      Haha, no... I went to school in Ohio.
      Thank you!

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