Snoopy’s Dream Trip

Example answer to the question, "Where would you like to go if you had the time and money?"

Snoopy tells you about his dream trip to Japan.
Students can follow along and answer questions from the worksheet.

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    Submitted by xxjanism July 14, 2023 Estimated time: 10 to 15 minutes
    1. DannySchild September 8, 2023

      Wonderful PowerPoint

    2. ramsey September 19, 2023

      Thank you for the beautiful power point. I would appreciate if you can point to which text book, and what page from the text we can use this activity. it make more easier for everyone to look for it. Thank you again.

    3. MrRedApple1 January 26, 2024

      What agreat idea and excellent use of PowerPoint!

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