Frequency Words Board Game

Students use dice to move along, they ask each other questions according to their placement, and their partners use of frequency verb is also dependent on a dice roll.

Heavily influenced by some of the suguroku games floating around. Students will need dice for this game. Based on the grammar and vocabulary from Here We Go! 5 but can also be review for JHS.

Students begin by playing janken to decide who goes first. They then roll the dice to move however many spaces forward. They then ask their partner the question on their space.
Their partner then rolls the die and answer according to the number they receive (1 = never, 2-3 sometimes, 4-5 = usually, 6 = always), with the exception of the 'What time' questions, where they can choose their preferred answer.
Afterwards, the player who did not move rolls the die to begin their turn.

If the board seems too small, you can make it a rule that the goal can only be reached by the number needed exactly, i.e if they are one space away they need a one, and a six will send them one space forward and five spaces backwards.

Pdf and xps files are present due to printing issues.

If the reading component proves too difficult when I use this I might try to make a version with Japanese prompts.

Edit: The JTE ended up having them play it in groups of around four using only a single marker for everyone, they took turns rolling the die instead, which was easier for everyone. I did make a Japanese prompt version which I'll upload after fixing my errors, but we didn't need it and just helped groups as needed.

Submitted by AsakawaSune September 7, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 min

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