My Summer Vacation Verb/Sentence Practice

Worksheet to do after summer vacation to get the students writing again and thinking about how to talk about their summer experiences

Start off with the HRT/JTE having a small talk with the ALT about both their summer vacation plans and using reactions to each other. Then read over the example sentences and let the students go to work. They can ask you if they want to talk about something more specific. After they finish they should ask for one of the teachers to check it for accurate grammar. Then with whatever time is left In class the students should practice talking to their friends and start by asking "what did you do in summer?"

Can be used with more oversight in 6th grade ES. With JHS could be a chance for the students to challenge themselves and to attempt understand the worksheet with less teacher intervention in 1st JHS, for 2nd/3rd grade could even be a homework assignment.

Submitted by gordy1 September 12, 2023 Estimated time: ~30 minutes

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